Star Wars = Star Trek

Just kidding

Latest cape(s)/summer jacket?

And…its reversible:

Also, my favorite design is still my Code Like Ada one and so I decided to make a summer version of it. But this time I thought it would be cool to add a history of programming going along the base.

Also, it is designed to hang off the shoulder…but my mannequin does not have arms…


I am always glad when you post photos of your latest creations. The history of programming is very cool.


There are going to be some real happy nerds out there when they see these! I love your designs.

[I’m going to go over to a corner and watch to see if you start any fireworks. People are passionate about if their Stars Trek or War.]


They really are! Idk, I used google to come up with the design. Spent a while researching, but have never seen Star Wars. It’s hard to trust watching a movie where there is a huge debate on which one to start on. I would watch it but have never felt confident I’m watching it correctly lol.


I must have seen the first Star Wars movie about 5 times right after it came out. Don’t have much good to say about the second; the third was pretty good. It also had enough closure for me to not be interested in the ones after that.

Star Trek though, has a story arc that kept me interested.


Your designs always blow me away! I think you’re going to have celebrities requesting your work before long, if they haven’t already contacted you!! Thanks for always sharing your creativeness with everyone!!


I thought the Empire/Resistance one was reversible, but I see that’s front/back instead- that’s very cool! Can you reverse which is front and which is back?

The movies that came out in the 70s, and the ones that came out in the last few decades are definitely aimed at kids - despite the furor of ~40 years olds :stuck_out_tongue: My favorite of them all is the prequel Rogue One (which is set before any of the modern or 70s ones) :slight_smile: Plus, if you haven’t seen any, then the ending will actually be a surprise!

but I do believe now you owe us a Star Trek one! <jk>


I love the cut of these, I remember using some Pascal when at college! Another wonderful project :slight_smile:


Stunning, beautiful designs, as always. Love the creativity and combination. @MyDogsThinkImCrazy.

Then Thorin and You should model it!


Yup! You can flip which side is the front.

I think I might! I do like Star Trek. Maybe I can get a red suede and a blue suede and do a similar flipable design :rofl:


Another awesome creation! Thanks for sharing.


Perhaps a Star Trek Wars logo written in Gallifreyan?
With an Elvish translation below!






Those are spectacular! I love the draping of them, very cool. If you have Disney+, you could watch the whole Star Wars collection in “Timeline Order.” They have the theatrical movies, with some smaller ones thrown in to fill in the gaps. My favorites though are the three that originally came out in the theatre - Episodes 4-6: The New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Guess because I saw them when they very first came out, and living just south of the Bay Area of California, we were well acquainted with the inspiration for the “AT-ATs” Imperial Walkers. Then they released the first three, which I am not so impressed with, especially the second and third, as the ages of the characters don’t make sense at all. I did like Rogue One as well. I haven’t watched all the added ones in the timeline yet, so don’t have any idea how they are, although I did watch the Mandalorian and Boba Fett episodes when they came out. I guess I also like 4-6 best because they used what technology was available at the time, which wasn’t as good as it is now of course, and with the later ones they just seemed to try to do too much. But I’m still a fan of the series. And of Star Trek. And of Marvel. :crazy_face:


What are you waiting for? You have a glowforge, make some…

Just kidding (maybe). Looks great, even if not being shown it the best light due to a lack or arms.
Like the darker version better. No reason, just do…


I’m kinda wondering if I can make a vest for myself and laser that… might be fun


Well, no, but I love them both for entirely different reasons. :slight_smile:

Watch the movies in the order they were made. 1, because that’s the right order, and 2, the first movie timeline-wise sucked. It’s is the worst of the lot.

Your work is just divine.


Sorry to wander off topic, but wondering if the R2D2 in your profile pic is something you built? I’ve been wanting to build one of those for years. Realistically, I don’t think I ever will, but if time and money were no object, I probably would.


I finished New Hope last night. Onto empire strikes something. I can see the interest but confused. Hopefully watching these will make more sense.