Star wars tic tac toe

I’ve been playing around with a concept for a while and wondering what to do with it - having famous opposites on 2 sides of a token of some kind… This gradually led to this idea for a Star Wars themed tic tac toe game, rebels on one side, empire on the other. I’ve done plenty of engraving now but I wanted to try out the veneer that came in my PG pack.

With the PG settings, there was a lot of charring and discolouration around the cuts… I also realised that my edges on the empire pieces were too fine so I adjusted the shape a little.

The board is 2 layers of maple hardwood, and the extra thickness of the veneer on the round pieces make them easy to pick out of the holes.

After a test game, I cut out a square of felt (on the GF, because why the heck not, lasers pew pew!!!) to the same shape as the board and sandwiched them all together to give a softer touch when placing the pieces.


Awesome!! Go Empire!

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Wow this is really cool - really loving how the Empire tokens in particular came out.

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Very cool! :grinning:

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Nice touch with the felt!


What a cool concept! It really looks nice.

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Fun project! Like that you added the felt.