Stargate model

I made my pops a stargate for Father’s Day.

Here it is normal

Here’s what it looks like lit.

Also for any fans out there, I just read that Roland Emmerich will be making a new stargate trilogy after the new Independence Day movie


Woohoo. Really nice.

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Very cool!
The lighting is great with that texture!


I can’t like this enough!

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Are you kidding me? This is AWESOME!! I am sure your dad will love it. You made a second one for yourself, right?


Love it! Stargate was one of my first sci-fi shows. It has a special place in my heart. Haha


Thats epic!! Very nice on the texture, I like how it diffused and redirects the light flow.
Lucky Dad…lol.



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This is really cool, and looks fantastic lit up! Question: what did you use for the blue disc? Was that two layers of acrylic intentionally bonded ‘badly’ to trap bubbles?

It is a single piece of acrylic that was etched on both sides. I made the design from an image ripped from actual footage. It took quite a bit of post-processing to make the ripples show up, but It came out almost exactly as I wanted.

The back side has a more even gradient which gets lighter/more dense towards the center. This causes it to give a nice smooth dispersal to the light, while the front side is similar, but the water ripples are much more pronounced, giving it quite a bit more of a turbulent look.


Thanks! Soon! I’m waiting on a collet adapter for a very accurate German endmill, but it’s taking longer than expected to get here. I’m gonna make a whole gate in full 3D. V2 you could say


This is Awesome! I am a super fanatic when it comes to Stargate,

My first project with the glowforge will actually be a mechanically working Stargate that dials.

I had no idea there were other Stargate fans here. :slight_smile:


There’s probably quite a few of us :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I was wondering how large a model stargate would need to be to fit all the mechanical and lighting effects into the ring. Will you make a control console to activate the “gate”?


The work on the acrylic is amazing! Turned out perfect. Great job exploring technique!

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I was thinking about making a DHD for it, but I think phase one will just have a button on the gate itself that will trigger it to dial the home address. Another idea I had was to build a portable jumper console that would remotely control it.

I plan on making it a wall art piece so it will be fairly large anywhere between two feet in diameter to four feet in diameter. I am not sure how large yet, but I will be beginning the designs very shortly and I will keep you guys in the loop.

If this is anything like my Catan project I will get pretty obsessed with the details really quick. :slight_smile:

Now I just need my Glowforge…

Seriously though, @takitus You have inspired me to begin the design of my project. Again, great work on this, its pretty fantastic!


Ok… That is just freakin awesome… Nice work.


This is what laser-cut gearing is for.


Thanks man! I saw your catan tiles way before I joined this group, and Ive loved them the moment I laid eyes on em. Cant wait to see what you do with a bigger arsenal at your disposal!


Very nice job on the acrylic! I see a fly that is about to get transported to another world. :wink:

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