Start and stop points

I have done some searches but have not found the answer yet. Is there a way I can tell Glowforge where to start cutting?

Its starting in the middle of a curve and I even added a line to have it start in the scrap section. It starts on the line and then stops and goes right to the middle of the curve to continue.

The software develops a motion plan independent of what we can tell it to do…but…if you have a closed path or joined points along the path, it will start at one end and then follow along the path smoothly.

If it’s starting in the center of a curve that curve is not connected to the line where you want it to start. You would have to join it to the section that extends out into the scrap area.


It starts at the path beginning and ends at the path end. To alter this, you need to break the path where you want it to start and then rejoin those points.


Thanks for the help @jules & @jbmanning5.

I will add, you do have some control by-way-of the print steps:

  • Different colors show up as different steps

  • You can arrange steps in the app

  • The step list prints from top to bottom

I’m going to close this thread - if you have any additional questions, go ahead and post a new topic.

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