Start button doesn't work

I went to start a job and the print button was flashing, pressing it does nothing. I restarted the machine (several times) and I get a purple flash on the button then everything boots as normal. I’ve also tried holding the button down to enter wifi set up and that doesn’t work either. All other functions are normal, homing / centering / focusing / etc. Seems like my button gave out.

Any ideas? Submitted a ticket, but they are obviously behind.

Take a picture of the underside of the button to see if a wire has shaken loose.

You will need to start your own Problems and Support thread if you want support to address your machine. If you have already contacted Glowforge via email, don’t start a new thread as it creates a duplicate support ticket and slows the process down.

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Nothing loose at the button or otherwise

Hello, @jaywilliams2112 I saw that you opened an email ticket for this problem and went ahead and replied to you there. I look forward to your reply. I will go ahead and close this thread to mitigate any confusion.