Start/End Circle Points X Error

Hello Glowforge Community!

This is my first time posting since I’ve received the machine back in September since it has been running smooth this whole time. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed recently that when I score/cut circles, the start and end points shift in the x-direction, making them not line up where they should:

The laser begins on the right-most point on the circle, continues in a clockwise direction, then ends back at where it began…only a little off in the x-direction. It seems to randomly pick a negative or positive x-direction from where it starts. This also does not happen on every circle I cut (see the outermost circle); I have had some prints where 2 circles are to be cut (with concentric circle scoring inside of them) and one circle will be completely fine, whereas the other will have all concentric circles with the x discrepancy.

I have cleaned the machine per the online instructions and have even re-tightened the x gantry belt. I also tried saving as a “plain svg” from Inkscape instead of “Inkscape svg” (I use Inkscape for all my designing because, well, it’s free!) I’m not entirely sure what else I should test or how to address this problem. All input is welcome!


I would look for some debris on the gantry or X belt (especially towards the center in the range you are seeing the problem, based on the fact the larger rings are not having the issue to the degree the smaller ones are). Be sure to check Both the front and rear rails on the gantry.


Check your belt tension as well as checking the wheel paths for debris.

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I would take the head support off and check all the wheels. There was a batch of wheels that got out at that time that were bad and needed replacing, and though most of those had way worse effects yours might be almost good.


Thank you all for your fast input. I removed the head support, checked the wheels/track for debris, cleaned it up, and also checked the wheels themselves for defects. I couldn’t find any defects in the wheels. I ran the print again, this time with 2 conditions: the left was the pattern created in Inkscape and the right was the pattern created in the Glowforge UI. Both still show an x discrepancy, so it doesn’t seem to be an Inkscape/svg issue:

I also noticed something while watching the print this time. When the circle is scored in a clockwise direction, the x displacement is positive. When the circle is scored in a counterclockwise direction (the only time this happened was on the left side, second circle from the most inner circle), the x displacement is negative. It also looks like on the left/right sides of the circles, the score seems to be a bit more of a vertical edge than a circular one. Any further suggestions?

When you copy/paste a vector the path will be in reverse unless there is an overriding decision by the GFUI (like cutting from the outside in).

The issue is far less than it used to be when there was a giant hole there, and the fix is not perfect, but you will have to wait for support to address it.

I’m sorry about the trouble with your Glowforge. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.