Starter Pack Proofgrade Materials for Referrals

I’m hoping the sales guy/webteam sees this post from Glowforge, but when we got our laser we also happily received proofgrade material pack as well since there was a slight delay :wink: When I go to the shop I see everything separated by material which is great, but it would be good to have different ‘bundles’ (e.g. a starter pack, bulk pack, etc) and give them some creative names by some creative people? Since my family in the NW decided to pick up a laser with my referral code I would like to send them a starter pack of proofgrade material like we received so they can quickly get up and running? Thanks for listening and consideration of making 1 click buying.



Glowforge says they welcome ideas like yours, but to post them in Problems and Support. I know it seems counter intuitive to post ideas in problems, but that is what they want. Not a bad idea though. They could also bundle together a bunch of materials and designs as a package.


Kits. :sunglasses::+1:


Good idea!

@Rita, who would be the right person to tag for this?

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Cheers. I was not exactly sure where to post and idea - there is no idea section, but moved it. Looking forward to helping and getting others excited for their Glowforge and feel a starter kit would make it that much easier to learn and get up an running! I will make my own bundle/kit once the referral credit come through :smile:

I don’t think moving a post to P&S notifies GF. You need to add a new thread and then they get alerted.

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Yes it would seem an easy thing for them to do to offer the PG starter pack for $150 in the shop.

Also a sample pack with the smallest sheet of every material would nice and easy to do. It might get bigger over time though and eventually get impractical.

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Thank you for the excellent suggestion – I’ve passed it to the team! And yes, for future reference, this is a great place to post suggestions and requests as well as problems. If you have more ideas, just open a new thread!

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