Starter Pack?

I just received my GF Pro yesterday (more than a week earlier than expected!). I received 2 boxes: 1 with the GF and 1 with the crumb tray.

My purchase history indicates there’s a starter pack V2 (screenshot below) - when should I expect that to arrive?

Also, I’d like to order some materials to play with, but I can’t find any info about whats actually in the starter pack so I don’t order a bunch of duplicate stuff. Anybody know what I should expect?


Yah. The starter pack is supposed to come first. There’s lots of fun non-proofgrade stuff to try while you wait.

Depending on where you are located and how well the materials store is fulfilling orders, some have received the laser before the Proofgrade.

Not sure what’s in the V2 pack. Let us know!!

Could be mistaken, but I think V2 contains the “extra” sheet of medium draftboard intended to be retained for troubleshooting.

Thanks for asking @joshua.ballard.

Here’s what you can expect!

Five 12"x20" sheets of Medium Draftboard

Three 12"x20" sheets of Medium Clear Acrylic

One 6"x12" sheet of Medium Walnut Hardwood

One 12"x20" sheet of Medium Basswood Plywood

One 5"x10" sheet of Natural Leather