Starting a cut back where it stopped

My last two cuts, my GlowForge has acted up. The last cut, just stopped. Is there a way for me to start the cut where it stopped without having to start all over?

The short answer is likely NO. However, when this happened to me once I was able to cover all but the uncut part with some scrap and then restart everything from the beginning. This will only work if you have NOT moved anything—either on the bed or in the GUI.

Beware of focus! If the scrap covering is located where the Glowforge does an auto-focus then your cut will not be right. Manual focus may be called for? :sunglasses:


There is no “easy” way to do it unless you’re familiar with a way yourself. Plenty of options, though. The one lightner mentioned is a new one for me, and sounds like the simplest way to go about it! I’ve measured how much of my design was completed then edited my file to only have what needed to be done, then uploaded the new file over the old file in the UI so they align - this also requires that nothing was moved. @evansd2 always has great search recommendations, I just woke up so my brain is a bit slow at the moment, maybe he can get you pointed in the direction of a few more suggestions :+1:t4:

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@lightner is fairly spot on here, though I will add that if you’ve turned the machine off and back on or recentered for any reason the alignment might be slightly changed. The best case scenario is when the machine is still on and nothing has moved.

As an economic argument… often the best plan is to just chuck it and start over. The time you’ll lose if it doesn’t work and the frustration that it’ll cause are real costs. Unless your material is completely unique or very expensive I’d just walk away from it. I’d reach out to support to try to find out why it stopped and just stop throwing good money after bad with this problem, move forward.

Probably not the advice you wanted to hear, but it’s what I’ve found to work best for me. Calculate your material cost and make the call as to whether or not it’s even worth it when you convert it to an hourly rate.

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Thank you all for your replies. I’ve chunked it and started over. I was hoping with nothing being moved, it would be ok, but its a cheap lesson learned. Y’all have a great Glow Forge day!! Thanks again!!!

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