Startup cycle not working

When I start up the machine, it powers on but it doesn’t move the head to the center position like it usually does. We moved the machine to another location which and packaged in the box it came in so it didn’t get bounced around. Please help.

Is it on the same network? (Might not be getting enough of a signal at the new location…there are signal range extenders that can help with that.)

You might want to try running through the troubleshooting section as a first pass:

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It’s a different network. The wifi is very strong, but it’s not finding the glowforge in the list as available.

I believe you will need to reconnect the Glowforge to your new network…and I’m not sure where the instructions are for that…hang on…

Yeah start with this part on the Troubleshooting section…

There’s also a video by one of the customers here:

Ok i was able to find it on the network when I got into recovery mode, hold button white it turns on and it goes purple. But it keeps having issues connect when i got through the setup. So i restarted it like normal, and it’s going through the cycle finding hope, which is good, but now it’s not showing up on my wifi. I’ll trouble shoot more later, unless someones know why it’s doing that.

I got it working. After turning on the machine, I held the button for about 10 seconds until it turned teal. I was then able to find it on the network and it’s fully connected now. Yay. Thank you Jules for your replies.

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Fantastic! Get to cranking out those projects! :grinning:

I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!