Startup Issues

I got my glowforge this morning and I have been turning on and off for the last 3 hours. I have having the same problem as I see many of you have. First, when I turn it on it does not go into the calibration sequence. The head just sits there. Secondly after I connect to the internet (which I have done a few times) it goes and stays in the offline mode. The camera thinks the machine is empty as well. No proof grade material seen. As a matter of face it doesn’t even see that. It is looking at the steel plate in the bottom. Please help! I have already spammed the support email and am sitting here hopeless starring at my new toy.

Many have found @rpegg’s video invaluable in resolving setup issues…

Best of luck.

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I watched this already

The head also doesn’t move when I turn it on

To be clear, the head will not move unless there is a stable internet connection. That connection is required for calibration.

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I have coneected it several times to my internet and it says success everytime

It is also supposed to move the 1st time you power it up. It did not do that either

There’s no need to do that “several times.” You connect once. From that point on it will auto-connect.

No. Only once it has an internet connection. If it doesn’t have one it will never attempt to calibrate and will not move.

Ok. But like I have stated, I have connected and it says I have done it properly

I also created a hot spot on my phone as well

I have connected several times noting is happening

Great. Then that part’s done. Now the only question is why isn’t it calibrating. Only Support will be able to tell you for sure if your unit is defective. It may be.

In the admin console of your wireless router, do you see your Glowforge connected?

With the unit off, gently move the head to roughly the center of the bed. Under the camera. Turn on the unit. See what happens. Leave it on for a while. An hour even.

What’s the temp in your Glowforge room?

It is 74. I have a pro unit

I’m very sorry you hit a snag, I’m looking at this now and I’ll follow up as soon as I have more information for you.

Thank you

This should be resolved for you now, can you restart your Glowforge and try again?


Ok. So I wonder what magic incantations happened and what was wrong.


Based on previous responses, I think Glowforge has to make a change on their end, so I’m just trying to make sure that people who pop into other people’s threads start their own threads. (Might want to direct any that you see to start their own Topics.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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We found a factory setup task that had not completed on a number of recently shipped units. We’ve identified all the affected units and cleared the task that was causing the problem. You shouldn’t see this issue again.