State of the Glowforge


As I sit here waiting for DT to address both houses of the congress, I’m sure @dan is composing his next MONTHLY UPDATE. March will be the minth that production Glowforges will begin their journey to homes and shops all over the planet.



You’ve got to quit watching that political stuff, it will warp your mind. Chuckle!
(And that pertains equally to either side.)

Might be a couple more weeks before the next GF update - he just did one a couple weeks ago…scratch that…three weeks ago.

What happened to February?:no_mouth:???


Possibly. Certainly I’d expect to see one within the next 4 weeks.

I see no indication of that. But I suppose we all need to hold onto our dreams. :slight_smile:


Where did you get that from? I don’t believe anyone from Glowforge has committed to shipping production units in March. Earliest I have seen is May.


I’m pretty sure it was just wishful thinking out loud. But I could be wrong.


I think it’s probably some wishful extrapolation based on the rough timeline Dan posted a couple months ago.


Looks like. I mean @rpegg just received a prerelease machine. It is a doubtful extrapolation that production machines will be rolling out in March. Last week of March may see a few production units, that is something only GF staff may know (maybe they don’t). - Rich


You are cortect … from the most recent delivery reset from early December:

“This is our new plan. We will be manufacturing hundreds of units per month through February and scale up to thousands starting in April. Most customers will get their deliveries in May through August.”

I made leap of faith that production in the hundreds would/could mean delivery in March … and, some customers would receive delivery prior to “most customers” in May.