Stay safe my new england people

Bundle up and stay safe its going to be a long couple of days


What’s happening?

Yes, big snowstorm on the East coast.

Not sure why everyone is so freaked out (our local trader joes is out of milk!). Yep it is snowing here, and we will get 18". We all have snowblowers, 4-wheel drive etc. It snows here all the time, and while 12-18" is a lot in the city, it’s hardly unprecedented. Yes the winds are going to be howling (60mph gusts reportedly late this afternoon) but again, the sudden preparation seems silly. We will all be back to normal pretty quickly (unless there is some infrastructure failure like a power outage, and then we will all fire up the generators). I saw people rushing to buy scrapers and snow shovels at the hardware store on the way home yesterday, and all I could think was “what did you do when it snowed 12” a few weeks back? And for the scraper did you drive around with 2" of snow last week when it snowed?"

My neighbor sent me this from TD’s last night… Do people’s milk consumption go up during storms? Are people thinking that roads will be blocked for a week?


It got warm (60-70F), trees started budding, flowers started coming in. This made people say silly things, such as “looks like winter is over” and “I’m glad spring is here” and the like.

That’s just baiting mother nature. So now we have a blizzard.


my friend back home and i refer to this effect as the secret french toast party - since everyone feels this weird urge to buy eggs, bread, and milk.



hilarious; it doesn’t surprise me that we weren’t that original :smiley:

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Someone said to me yesterday “I hope you haven’t put your shovel away yet”. I have lived in northern New England my whole life. I don’t put my shovel away until May.


Ppl are freaking out like it never snows here. To much complacency with the mild winters the last few years.


Well being from MA. and around for 61 yrs. I have seen a few blizzards…and am really just laying back and letting it flow…like a warm summer night…Hahahahahaha

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Let it floooow, let it flooow :snowflake:


I live in Syracuse, NY. We are considered the snowiest city in the country averaging 126 inches per year. We’ve been behind on snowfall this season, but the 18 to 24 inches should get us caught up.
This is nothing for us, but wish nothing but safety to those areas east that are not equiped for this.
Be safe and stay warm!!

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Not sure what algorithm they use but in the midwest this weather is nowhere near stocking up weather. It’s more like “get out there on the fat tire bike one more time” weather.


Looks like two days of no school here, which means two days of not getting so much work done. I like my snow in more manageable doses.

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Well, not anywhere near New England… We’re getting 18"-24" today. I just got back in from round 1 of snow removal. Thing is right now it’s not snow. It’s ice crystals falling. Sounds pretty cool against the A/C units. Hurt like hell when those suckers hit you at the right angle!


I have been on the phone for about two hours with Bangalore India. Our weather is making news over there he also said today during the day it 90f (it’s now night in his time zone)


I think you are looking at big cities @teditz ! The snowiest places are in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, western Rockies and Sierra Nevada Mountains!

The snow chases most people away so fewer people live in these places.

We laugh at the measly 126 inches you get in Syracuse and don’t even get the snow shovels out until it is deeper than that! :-)))


All depends on your definition of “city”. This is the list for cities with population of 50,000 or more.

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Easy for you to say. We only received 12" last night but I have to put chains back on the tractor and plow my steep 1/3 mile driveway. That takes way too much time away from the Glowforge. And I could bruise my Start Button finger.