Stay Safe!


Heads up to those in Mathew’s path…be careful and get the heck out early! :disappointed:


I have alot of friends in Florida…several have already evacuated…:disappointed:


My uncle is right in the path… They’re hunkering down and not leaving…


Had a weekend trip to Universal Studios planned for the whole family this weekend! Fortunately (in a very selfish sense) a hurricane changes all the last minute cancellation rules, and I was able to back out of a $7K trip with zero penalties for cancelling tickets, hotel, and flights two days before arrival. Instead, we’re going to make our own Halloween Horror Night at home and build a roller coaster out of a cardboard box and a steep set of stairs.

The storm appears to have the potential for a double whammy:


My brother and his family are in S. Carolina, right on the coast (and he doesn’t want to leave), and my husband “has” to fly into Charlotte on Saturday, right about the time the storm will be passing over.

Why do we marry you guys again? :rolling_eyes:


Family in Orlando. Thoughts go out to everyone in the storm’s path.


Because we will kill spiders :slight_smile:

(And fix things.)


Yeah…valid points. chuckle!:wink:


It’s like “oops - missed a spot…” Seriously though - I hope it doesn’t hit as expected - My twin is on the Gulf coast so she should just get rain, but those people on the East coast - hope they are heeding warnings. Hang in there Florida !!


I was stuck on the Riviera Maya when Wilma came through as a cat. 4, then came back as a 5. 185mph sustained wind.

Unless the building you’re in is slip-formed concrete, time to scoot!


I guess on the bright side, I don’t have to pack up my glowforge to evacuate. :grin:


Maybe if you had your Glowforge you wouldn’t have to evacuate at all! :wink:


Prayers for all affected!!


FWIW, if inland, I’ve always found it easier to leave after the storm rather than sitting in traffic for 12-24 hours trying to evacuate to a location normally 2-3 hrs away. Plus, it relieves some of the congestion for those in the imminent danger area.

Good luck - stay safe!

If you are staying, make sure your gas tank is filled up, that you have as much water as possible (fill baths, sinks, etc.) and have cash on hand!

@dhanvinddvs aren’t you in Florida?

Looks like a few others as well!


And in this case, put up the hurricane shutters! Their is a reason they have automated ones now. They are heavy and cumbersome - and it’s always super hot, muggy and still before a storm comes in.


Looks like it hit Haiti pretty hard. Over a hundred dead and 350,000 in need of immediate assistance. They’ve had a pretty hard time over the last few years


Usually i am, but right now were on vacation in mass. You dont need to be skilled if you are lucky :grimacing: thanks for the heads up, really good advice to listen to.
Didnt know the hurricane was coming so the hurricane shutters are not on. Lol, well see what we have left when we get home. Life is too short to worry too much


My hubby is in Charlotte right now and supposed to fly out/home Saturday. I suggested he extend his trip a couple of days.


Yes, yes, yes…yeeeeeeees. :confounded:


Just got internet back. We are all safe, we dodged a bullet there. People took it seriously and everyone seemed prepared.