Stays off line

Did everything that was required and got to print an example from the ones provided. Since then…everytime I’ve turned the glowforge on, the teal light never comes on. I’ve rebooted by pressing the button 10 seconds. The light comes on but it stays offline. I’ve tried from 3 different devices, I can’t get anything to work. Please help!

The teal button is only for the first time setup (or if you change wifi sources). This is required so that your GF knows which SSID to connect to and what the password required is to get onto that network.
After you set this up you only need to power the GF on and it will connect to that network.


The teal light only comes on the first time you set up your machine or when you have to reset your wi-fi connection. Normally, you turn on your machine, open the app on your computer and you are good to go. The Glowforge light flashes white when it is ready to print and otherwise it is normal for it not to light at all. When you turn on your Glowforge, does it go through the process of centering and focusing?

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@wilsonpf and @dklgood are correct, you will only see the teal light the first time you set up the Glowforge.

The Offline condition is a different issue. Turn the machine on, let it complete the startup calibration and the head should return to the left rear corner. Then go to on your computer and you should see the Dashboard.

Click the name of the machine in the right corner - it should list the status of the machine.

If it still says Offline after the machine has been turned on and the startup calibration is complete, it could be a dropped signal, which locks things up. To clear it, you need to turn off the machine, your computer and the router. Wait one minute, then turn on the router and let it boot up completely. Turn on the computer and let it boot up. Last turn on the Glowforge and let it boot up. Finally return to and check the status again.

If it still says Offline, try the rebooting process again in a couple of hours. (Occasionally it’s a service provider issue and nothing will fix it until they get their end straightened out.)

If you still have the Offline condition after rebooting everything a couple of times, then it might be a cable issue, and that’s something that support can see from looking at the logs. But try to clear the locked signal first.


Thank you all…i called the school technician. The problem is with the server. They will have it fixed sometime soon.


Thanks everyone, for your wonderful assistance!

I hope the server issue gets taken care of quickly. I appreciate you following up to let us know about that. I’m going to close this thread, but if you run into any other trouble please start a new thread or email us at Thanks!