Steak Knife Caddy - First time post

Hello all. Been following the site for a while but I think it’s time to finally show something is designed.
My wife got me a beautiful steak knife set for Christmas and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to use the forge.

Shop made maple blanks and walnut blanks around 1/8” thick.
3/16” brass rod from home store
Lots of sanding of lasered edges to get maximum effect of the two woods
Watco Danish oil finish

Uploading: B4B3CDB4-B8F6-4360-8A03-A0F16CBC40CD.jpeg… Uploading: C2B4B8CC-08B4-493E-9522-5F0DEBDF2033.jpeg… Uploading: EC9C4794-CEB8-4CE0-87A0-F6B0FC101954.jpeg… Uploading: 8A579C1C-3348-435D-9098-8621B76D2A37.jpeg…

Traced a knife profile on paper then scanned and made svg of the profile in illustrator. Happy to get into more detail if anyone’s interested


Here are the images:


That’s beautiful! :slightly_smiling_face:

I love beautiful, useful items like this. Looking forward to your next posts.

Fantastic. Love it.

It really came out amazing! The layered wood really shouldn’t be hidden in a drawer–it’s a work of art.

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Beautiful item that’s also very practical. One of my very favorite combinations.

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That worked out great. Looks fantastic too.

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Nice design!

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Great idea. Looks awesome.