Steampunk Bowtie


Another bowtie. Last minute accessory for the boyfriend for a Steampunk themed wedding.


Very sharp!


Oh, wow! My brother and his wife are steampunk fanatics. He has a particular outfit this would really go well with. Sending him a pic, if that’s OK with you?


Oh that’s adorable!


Nice! Have you ever looked into rub 'n buff? I believe that they have a copper.


Sure. For version 2 of this one I’m planning to put rivets in the the holes on the sides, make the gear spinable, and maybe use leather for the background piece. I think it’ll blend better into actual steampunk outfits that way.


Thanks for the tip. That stuff looks pretty awesome.


That looks great on you!


way to class up the place!


Steampunk bowtie? You nailed it. The smile in the photo says it all!


Making an impression!


Nailed it. Can’t wait to see version 2 - sounds like it will be a show-stopper!