Steampunk Organ Video...I bet GF can help

OK, making the actual organ would require a ton of tools besides just a GF…but I bet paper “punchcards” (?) could be easily made with a GF Pro model…

This is SO cool…
Steampunk Organ Video - Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal


I wouldn’t call it irony, but something like that - that we all have so much interest in using this cutting edge (no pun intended) piece of technology to utilize older forms of tech in possibly new ways - like Michael Jackson music on punchcard organs! Great link! Nobody in the office, so I got to play it over a few times!


Yes, that video alone made me want to do it. Check out Ronald Walters’s YouTube channel. I was researching organ building in preparation for purchasing a new organ for our church and his meticulous videos on pipe construction are wonderful. Walters builds a busker organ.

I was thinking of that, too, and especially with computers…using super modern computer technology to make punch cards for old school computers would be pretty rad…

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