Stenciling using pro pass through

Looking to get info on stenciling. Was going to purchase a vinyl stencil roll but was told that it is not compatible with a glowforge pro. would like for the roll to be 20" wide and minimum 20 ft long. please share your recommendations. thanks and happy new year!

Welcome to the forum. Sorry I can’t help with your search, but must caution you about using anything vinyl in your Glowforge. It will not only produce deadly fumes to you, but will corrode the entire inside of your laser.


Kraft paper.


I plan to use stencil to spray paint a wall. would normal kraft paper work for that? any specific thickness? any special coating on top of that?

I wouldn’t bother with a coating but you’d probably benefit from a spritz of temporary adhesive like Krylon Easy Tack to keep it flat on the wall.


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