Stencils for "barn quilt" project

One of my best friends and I are making a big “barn quilt” for his house. It’s going to be an anniversary gift to his wife. We did all the woodworking work at my place, since, you know, it’s a gift and she would see it otherwise lol. Used my 'forge to cut out some stencils for him to use when he goes to paint it. Cardboard for the win!

I was wondering why I was having issues cutting, then I cleaned my laser and noticed that one of the lenses, on the side of the main head, was coming unthreaded. Anyone ever have this happen? I tightened it back in, but, I thought it was weird…

Anyway, here’s a picture of what he wants it to look like (the colors aren’t what he’s going to paint, just so he could visualize where things would go) and the stencils I made.


That turned out awesome! She’s going to love it. I still have to make our barn quilt. One of these days…


Nicely done! If you manage to get a photo after they’re done painting we’d love to see it :slight_smile:

As for the unthreading, I remember a few folks learning that those were threaded, though most frequently when they first got their machines. Luckily they’re designed to be replaceable so threading it back on was the right answer :slight_smile:


Aha very sneaky! This will look completely amazing, would love to see photos of the finished quilt :slight_smile:


Despite popular opinion, us husbands can be sneaky too in the pursuit of a good cause​:grin:. For example, 2-3 weeks ago we are at a premium outlet mall and wander thru a helzberg diamond store. We have our 33rd anniversary coming up, so we are looking at jewelry for HER. after seeing things I determined she really! Liked (I buy all her jewelry and haven’t missed yet). Ten I shoo her away to buy the one I know she really loves. And it ain’t cheap. Driving home, I inadvertently made a comment that gave away the price. :confused:. So today, I went to pick it up, and I buy another one we looked at, that I know she also loves and is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper, and buy it. So on our anniversary, in the morning I will give her a card and the ring box, knowing she is expecting something else. Then that nite, at the dinner we will go out to, I will give her the REAL gift. That should keep her from pushing her “honey do” list by at least 3 months.


Oooh I love it! That will definitely earn you many brownie points :smiley:

Congrats on the 33 years, what a milestone! :ring: :ring:


Well, to be honest, for me, it’s been 43. :crazy_face:




That is so sweet!


I will be sure to get pictures from my friend once he gets it painted and mounted on their house. Here is what the beast looks like currently. I have fixed the very wonky left side since taking the pictures lol. It was very off on measurements. The back just shows the French cleat bracket I made to actually hang it on their house


Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! :tada: Of course you realize that giving her TWO gifts and taking her out for dinner besides, is going to make it that much harder for you NEXT year! You’d better include a gift with lunch! :gift: :hamburger: :slight_smile: Seriously though, it’s wonderful. Welcome to the world of “still married after all these years” club! (We just celebrated our 48th in June. :slight_smile: )


Congrats @ellencadwell !


Great idea! I bet it will turn out fabulous!


Thanks! As everyone does, we’ve had some hard times, but mostly good. And it keeps getting better as my hubby is finally learning that he can sit down and relax and doesn’t have to be doing something every minute. We’ll actually spend all morning sitting on the deck or in our sunroom, just looking at all the scenery around us, watching the squirrels and rabbits, our goats and chickens. Both of our blood pressures have really dropped since learning how to relax.



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