Stencils-poster paper

I mentioned in another post that I had a spray paint artist look me up recently for some stencils. We made a dozen of em tonight. They turned out FANTASMIC!

PROTIP: Lots and lots of neodymium magnets. The air assist blows everything all around. I had like 40 or so all over the bed. Putting them on cut lines helped, and then it was easy to just use a xacto knife to do the little quarter inch cuts that went on the magnet instead. It felt like it was just, a handful of anchors holding the positive and negative together . We accomplished in 3 hours what normally took him a handful of blisters, and a week of manual sketching and cutting.

His stencils have varying degrees of complexity, but most took around 3-5 minutes for the glowforge to do a cut operation.

I couldn’t take any pics tonight, but as part of compensation he is covering the table and booth fees for a small nearby con. ( Http:// ) and has agreed to let me use his pictures for full commercial use on my engrave stuff. (Just no spray painting, that’s his gig).

I will do some engravings to show later.


Sounds cool. Would love to see some pics!


Not sure why the website did not use www, but you will want to change the listing to just

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I’ve done the same with sewing patterns. So much easier to iterate too.

Hopefully they will get that fan control working soon.