Sticker Display

Preeping for a busy convention season! I’ve always wanted a really nice way to display my stickers but everything I have bought has fallen flat. There was one from Clear Displays that @johnwills posted but it was a bit big for the stickers size i do. The shelves @caribis2 posted in the free designs category were closer to the size I was looking for but still not quite right. So I took their design and flexed my illustrator muscles (small as they may be) and got to work.
I ended up making a TON of prototypes out of cardboard (luckily we have a bunch laying around as we just moved into this place last month). Some of my initial ideas weren’t translating from 2d to 3d well, but I managed to work it out.
But in the end it all worked out. The first cut with draftboad was a tad loose in the joints but try 2 was perfect!

Each cubby is made to hold a 3 by 3 sticker, they shelves are 1.5 inches deep.

Now to order more sticker stock!


Nice display! :grinning:

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Turned out great!

Nice! I’m still experimenting with other options for sticker displays.

Nice display stand. Why acrylic at bottom.

The one on had it and my business partner liked the way it looked, no other reason.


Looks good.

They came out great! And if you decide to decorate them at some point, I’ve had great success with engraving a design on Draftboard and coloring it in with colored pencil (Prismacolor). You can seal it afterward with a spray sealer or fixativ.

I have a lot of small items that I’ve been slowly trying to work out how I would present them. I think you have just helped me solve that problem!

I’ve been approached by a few small business in my community that offered to help sell some of my stuff, but the display was the only piece of the puzzle I had been missing. Thanks for the inspiration, and awesome project!

I like the stickers too!

Thanks! I am working on building an online store, i should have it running in June.

Ahh something like this is exactly what I need!! I’m always trying to figure out ways to display my stickers that doesn’t take up too much space.