Sticker Roll Dispenser

One of my friends sent a message saying “Saw this and thought of you.” I quickly popped over and immediately knew I had to make it. Less than 10 minutes later I had an acrylic sticker stand! I had planned on buying one and am so happy I could DIY my own. I made a video showing the process here. Thank you so much for this great file!


I know it’s been a long while since you designed this @pubultrastar, but I want you to know how much I appreciate your sharing this design.

I don’t have stickers to use it on, but I have modified it to be used with my roll of freezer paper I cut off of a large roll (because it was too long to fit where I wanted it, and I kept tearing pieces of it off to use to put my paint on when I’m painting designs), and for a large roll of sandpaper that I keep on my craft table! I made the freezer roll one a little too wide, but that’s okay, as who know how I’ll cut the next roll! :rofl:

It just makes it so nice to be able to unroll what I need and have it right there. I’m going to put a little metal blade on the edge of the one for the freezer paper to make tear-off easier.


File works great! Made it out of some scraps of GF Draft Board


Welcome to the community! That’s what I made mine out of also. They are super handy to have around. You’ll find lots of great free designs that are extremely useful. Just remember that they are for personal use (self or to give to family/friends) and not for sale of the digital file or for selling physical items made from them.

You’ll find this is the best, friendliest group to help you with your GF questions, problems, etc. And please, please share pics of things you make! We all love to see each other’s work. So again, welcome!! You’re gonna love it here!


Timing is everything! I was just going to try and make something like this. You saved me a headache!


I printed this out today - sooo sweet!!! Thanks for sharing - Preston