Still getting "This design has text" warning after converting text to path in Inkscape

This is super interesting, when I opened it in a text editor I didn’t clock that text block. Good eye!

I also didn’t know to check the list in the Objects view to find that object, so this is an excellent learning day!

Due to @primal_healer 's sleuthing I’m upgrading to the most current version of Inkscape, and there’s even a bug fix in the Mac version titled “Stroke to Path : Converting an object’s stroke to a path no longer makes its clones vanish

I’m not 100% that is a related/the problem, but it seems very in the ballpark, especially after your sleuthing.

Thanks so much! This has been bugging me for, no joke, YEARS. I am stoked on this thread no matter how this goes.


Thanks for all the discussion! It helps me looking for things as well. That’s what I really like about this forum:-)


Sorry, I thought you had those two programs. As for Inkscape, I am quite sure you are much more skilled than I am. I was just saying that I have done the object to path and not had it “work” and had to go back and do it again even though I know I converted it. I am glad @primal_healer was able to offer a solution. I have not upgraded to the latest Inkscape because I have heard it doesn’t play nice with certain Mac OS versions.

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This question is outside our team’s scope. I’ve moved it to the Beyond the Manual so the discussion can continue there.

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I’d make a new text object, type something, then right click on it and select same… object type. It will select all the text objects in your document and you can delete them en masse.

If it doesn’t find more, then who knows.

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Alright everyone, here’s my official final check in.

Upgrading my 2012 (self-maintained) Macbook Pro to the most current version of Inkscape WORKED! I no longer get a text warning pop-up in the GUI. You can upgrade to the newest version of Inkscape here: Download Inkscape 1.0.2 | Inkscape

The reason I had not done this (which, yes, now I feel a bit silly but hear me out), is because the last time I installed Inkscape on my Mac it was a HOT MESS. I know programming, can navigate my terminal and odd packages and EVEN with that it was so hard. So, I really didn’t want to do that again for nebulous bug fixes when it seemed to be working fine.

THAT SAID. One of the newest bug fixes did fix this particular problem I was having (and upgraded my hilariously vintage windows 95 looking interface :rofl:).

NOTE: You will need to copy the contents of all of your old files over to a new file in this new version of Inkscape to get them to not trigger that text warning pop-up, but that’s doable!

I do know I’ve seen mention of this problem elsewhere in the forum, and while I assume many people are upgrading Inkscape regularly, I also assume many people are not. So, I do think this solution is fairly valuable and was deeply informative for me.

Thank you everyone! In particular @primal_healer and @jestelle for tracking down so many clues that got me to the solution. :sparkling_heart:


Inkscape can be a nightmare at times, glad you got it all sorted out :slight_smile: . I was glad to help and thx for the update :beers:

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This is a good technique anytime you get a weird svg problem. (Hidden paths, clip masks you can’t find, scaling issues, etc)

This is my SOP with almost every svg I download, too many of them have quirks that are a pain to track down. It’s faster to just copy and paste what I want from the downloaded svg into a fresh one.

It sounds like this more than the version change is what “fixed” your old files.


I think AD has a full working trial version

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