Still have dark areas in my engravings

I’ve made sure the images are one color tried different woods including proof grade and I’m still getting areas that seem kind of burned. They actually rub off and leave it patchy if I mess with it. What could be causing this?

Is this particular example proofgrade?

With Baltic birch ply for example you sometimes engrave away the top layer and expose the middle layer. The middle layer is wood in Baltic and will sometimes have knots and other grain structures that are revealed by engraving.


You can see variation in the middle layer in the ocean areas where I engraved the entire top layer away.

These variations are less common in proofgrade or other mdf-core plywoods.


Yes, this example is birch although it happened using my hardwoods as well but I do see what you’re saying. As long as it’s normal than I’m cool with it. I was more worried that maybe something needed to be calibrated. Thanks!

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