Still haven’t receive the shipping refund and any tracking information

It’s been over ten business days and I still haven’t receive the shipping refund difference?

I ordered a Glowforge Basic on 22nd October 2015 and waited over three years patiently.
I sent an email to support on December 2018 to request to ship to a US location and accepted the Glowforge shipment on 21st December 2018. They said they initiate shipment very rapidly but seems that it’s not for me. I thought the Glowforge Basic is on backordered but it is not coz some people ordered their Glowforge Basic just a few days or a week ago and they have already received the unit and printed somthing show on Facebook.
As their comments, those customers also think that it’s backordered unit February, so many of them really received it.
They are very lucky!

Could you please help to check what’s going wrong with my order?
Please send me the tracking information immediately.

Really really UNFAIR!

First come first?

Thank you

I’m in the same boat (kind of). I ordered on Jan 3rd and was told my delivery date would be Jan 13. The 13th has come and gone and no glowforge, meanwhile I see posts of people receiving in less than a week too. I emailed Glowforge on the 11th about it being “delivered” in 2 days but still not receiving shipping info, I was told they’d look into it. I’ve emailed twice since then to follow up since I have not gotten a reply or update…Still no response.

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Wow, I’m sorry to hear about your experience…I would be upset as well. I ordered my Basic at the end of Dec and was happy to have received it 10 days later. However, my unit didn’t work out of the box, apparently, a known hardware problem they said cannot be fixed remotely. I was told yesterday they would send return labels and send out a refurbished unit so not only do I have to package this thing up again, wait for a replacement (never mind the shipping labels…still nothing sent in my inbox, just checked). The fact that I will be paying full price for a refurbished product is just the bitter icing on the cake.

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I spoke to soon…just received an email. They are shipping a new unit!! Hopefully second time’s the charm.

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Glowforge staff replied other customers within an hour, why don’t you reply me.
I emailed support last week, I posted here Problems and Support.
No response at all, so frustrated.


I’m terribly sorry for the late reply. I’ve responded to your email with your tracking information and next steps regarding your shipping refund.

Thank you for your patience. I apologize again for the poor communication.