Still no tracking number or confirmation!

Why does communicating with Customer Service have to be so ridiculous? Does Glowforge not hire enough people to take care of their customers? It’s not like I bought a $50 blender and need a replacement. We spent $6000 on the Glowforge Pro and just purchased the $1400 extended warranty. For what? I don’t have a machine that works now! I don’t have tracking or any confirmation that a new one is being sent. I’m really hoping it’s being expedited and shipped the fastest way possible. It wasn’t this bad the last time. We had a replacement in 5 days! Danielle, are you there? My husband has called AGAIN 3 times today and sent 3 emails. DO BETTER GLOWFORGE! We deserve better than this!

Yes, it can be frustrating, but the more times you contact them and open new tickets the slower it will actually be to get a response - they have to find/verify/close every ticket in your name before they can contact you back on the first one.

This is still a baby company - yes they are growing crazy fast, but that $50 blender is probably from a company that’s been in business a few decades and has like 50 product lines. There are lasers like that, but they start at around 10k.


Hi there! I am terribly sorry for the delay in communication. I’m afraid that we’ve been backed up due to the holidays. I’ve located your open support ticket and I am working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.