Still not working and no replies from support

I posted on Thursday with the issues that my laser stopped working, I followed the advice and it still is not working. I have sent two updates on my previous post but no reply. Please can someone get back to me! I’m not able to do ANY orders and have had to put my entire business on hold. This is not acceptable. My gf pro is little over a year old, my second machine in this time period, I need this to be resolved ASAP.

If you’ve already been contacted by support via email or here in problems and support, you’re actually slowing the response process down by posting another ticket on here. It works more efficiently if you continue posting on your original request for help.


They have ignored my replies on my post and have not had anything on email from them at all.

Did you receive an automated email from support to let you know they had received your support ticket? or were you following advice and suggestions from fellow owners here on the forum?

Automated message just on here - not even any follow up for it until today to my dad saying It’s been a little while since I’ve heard back from you. I hope that’s because everything worked out! If not, just let me know and we’ll get it solved
Even though I replied twice on the original thread.
I understand the time difference and the volume of work the support team must have, I just seem to have been missed hence why I’ve flagged it again :ok_hand:

Per this the only posts you’ve made at all recently are this one and the one they closed because you’d opened it originally under your Dad’s - if that’s the one they left open then you need to continue responding there. I don’t know who your Dad is so I can’t check to see what’s happening in that thread.


@juliaheartsu and @gkdbaldwin,

I’m so incredibly sorry for our delayed response and for the impact this has caused your business.

Unfortunately, our troubleshooting has determined that we’ll need to replace this unit.

For our next steps, I’ll need some personal information from you. I’m sending an email to you, with Geoffrey cc’d, with more information momentarily.

I will wait to make any additional actions on either of the forum posts until I’ve heard back from you.

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You need to know, support does not “read the forums”. The software they use to manage issues provides them with updates, similar to email. However, if someone other than the person that opened the ticket replies, it does NOT prompt them. Otherwise, every random forum member that replies would generate prompts for them to respond to.

So your replies on your fathers ticket did not prompt them. They are not at fault here.


I had no idea about that at all!

Thank you for getting back to our email @juliaheartsu!

I’m going to close out this post to simplify our communication going forward.