Still not working despite issue being "resolved"?

I’m still stuck on centering/homing/focusing/scanning whatever nonsense. The status page says this has been resolved but its not feeling very resolved…

Took the time to clean all the parts, check all connections, all the usual stuff as well, rebooted everything including browser, etc.

Glowforge should really take a page from formlabs book on how to do cloud properly.

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think its up for me now.


I just finished two prints. About half an hour ago I restarted everything: computer, router, modem, GF. Turned things back on so internet/wifi was first, computer 2nd and GF last. It took about 20 min for the centering operation to finish, but now it’s processing jobs faster than it has in a week.

Good luck, I think they are fixing whatever is ailing the system.

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I just did this multiple times to include 3 minutes ago and nothing.

@corkhats - Since threads here are intended as support tickets and one customer per, I am going to head over to your thread with my suggestions.

Mine was working after all this, then it turned amber and stopped working. (I got through half the sheet). So I turned it off and restarted which I think is helping but then it stayed in the homing again for another 10 mins. ughh. I think it’s working now… it’s taking forever to set up 3 squares to cut. What is going on with this update???

Mine is working but everything is SO slow. Focusing on material takes like 2 minutes and the preparing the job is taking forever! So something is definitely still wrong.

Im stuck homing

same waternut. it’s working again but its like watching grass grow to even send the simplest job.

Thanks so much for letting us know. I’m looking into the issue with slowness you’ve reported, and I’ll reply here as soon as I know more.

Count me in as well having issues. It takes about 5 minutes to focus and 5-10 minutes to process my design. After that the laser works fine but something is still wrong.

Im stuck in homing

I’ve made the team aware of this, and we’re working on it. We’ve implemented and fix and I’d like to hear if you’re able to print easier now. Please let me know.

seems to be normal now, for me atleast. sent a more complicated cut just now and it only took about a minute.

Thanks a lot for that. I sincerely apologize for all the trouble. The issue should be resolved now.