Still stuck on Rendering Your Design

Please do not close my post. Glowforge has been in touch with me but I really don’t understand why we cannot open files. There need to be a better answer after a weeks time of having this issue. I’m sorry but this is unacceptable.

Original post: I am still having issues with “Rendering Your Design” and every time I open a file it corrupts it making the file useless. I am literally ruining all my files. This has been happening since last Saturday and I now I’m spending more time explaining to customers why I can’t send them their stuff than anything else. I need this fixed ASAP.

Our team is hard at work to resolve these issues that are impacting you and a number of other Glowforge users. I’m deeply sorry for the lack of updates, but I’m afraid I don’t have any new information to provide at this time and there isn’t a definite timeline until the issues are resolved. I see that we’ve also been in contact with you via email about this; as soon as there are more details to share, we’ll be sure to follow up there to let you know.