Still waiting on refurbished shipping notice

Does anyone know the time frame to have a refurbished machine shipped for my under warranty unit? I was told I should receive my refurb within 10 days, but typically sooner. I am coming up on my 10 days now and still don’t have a tracking number so it obviously won’t be here in the time frame I was communicated.

I’ve tried sending emails and messaging on Facebook, but those are currently not being answered either. Is it due to no refurb units being available for shipment? How long am I supposed to wait, especially as my warranty is just ticking away on the replacement unit I have yet to receive.

I am getting beyond frustrated at this point. I understand I am not the only Customer, but these cost way too much money to have zero support or response and zero timeliness on replacements being sent. I am regretting purchasing a glowforge at this point - I wish I had spent a little more and bought a laser that actually has support.

I’m so sorry for the delay in getting your replacement, and for my delayed reply. I’ve followed up to your email with an update. Since we’re working on it there, I’m going to close this topic.