Still Wi-Fi problems

I’m at my wit’s end. I took dklgood’s suggestion and yes my router is broadcasting at 2.4 ghz, at least that’s what google says.

I have tried connecting with my iMac, my MacBook Pro, and my iPhone hotspot
Everything I try results in the same still solid teal light.

Is there anyone in the Atlanta area (southwest Cobb county area) that would be willing to come to my shop and help me get connected again? I am not looking for a freebie. I’m willing and happy to pay for help.

I can be reached by telephone.
The number is on every page of my website:

You’ve always seemed like a reasonable forum member. If I were within 100 miles.

Maybe someone will step up.


Somebody did step up and I am very happy that that person did. With nary a snort of "fat fingers"or a mention of “trouble between keyboard and chair” this person set me right and got me Forgeing again. Many thanks.


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