Stitching hole design help?

I want to make a leather patch to sew on to a hat. I have two questions.

  1. How big should the holes be?

  2. What’s the best way to evenly space them around a circular patch? I’m using Affinity. And how far apart from each other should they be?

Anyone done this? If you have other tips you can order that would be great.

I guess technically I asked three questions. But nevertheless, your help is appreciated.

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There are lots of posts regarding this topic. Search stitching holes and you will have some fruitful reading.

I found this post particularly helpful:

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This video helped me a ton on this subject, but it’s in Illustrator. I’m sure there are ways to get the same outcome in Affinity.


Here is how to do it in Inkscape.


I thought of this post when I saw the question…then realized that my original contribution should have been posted in a different section…I moved it to Tips & Tricks.

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