Stock List for Laser Orders

I have been working on getting my business website published for a while and one of the things that I really wanted to get working is a live update stock list so that customers get an idea of what I have in stock before they order. I figured it out and decided to do the same with the Glowforge. If you are interested it is
I am happy to explain the process to anyone who wants to know.


Very nicely done website! It is so inviting, and informative.

One heads up—I think you’ve got a typo in the column for description of the cherry veneer—you mention 3D adhesive and I think you meant 3M.

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I have fixed the typo, oops! Thanks for catching that. One of the nice things about the stock list is that it is driven from Google Sheets so I can update the source sheet without having to touch the actual site, which makes it easier to update and manage, and correct!

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Clever technique. That’ll be a real timesaver.

The stock list looks great. As a bit of feedback, I’d add some headers to your general info page. For a customer who doesn’t know much about lasers, it feels like a lot of info all at once. Just basic headers like pricing, prepping your project, what to expect, etc. And maybe a bit more info about kerf and how to adjust for it. Maybe have a friend or two who know nothing about laser cutters (but who have a maker mindset) read through it…

Thanks! I have incorporated a some headers and broken the information into better sections.

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Looks good!