Stop motion wood

Came across this and figured it may inspire some of you!


Funny but, They have more time than I do to make the video.


That’s really wonderful! A while ago the Google doodle was for a woman, whose name escapes me, who did stop motion of paper cut silhouettes. I think she might’ve been German, if that helps anyone figure out what I’m babbling about. I remember thinking a glowforge would’ve made her process so much faster.

I think Wallace and Gromit conditioned me as a child to like stop motion.


Yeah, there was a thread on her here! Such amazing work! Better with a Glowforge?

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Here’s the link for old Doodles.
Google Doodles

Interesting enough, they do different Doodles for different parts of the country. Our Italian members are not likely to have seen the one you’re referencing (unless they read the thread that Jeremy linked). They got a Republic Day Doodle.

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