Stopped cutting

The Glowforge cut my first project beautifully this morning. Put in another piece of the same material and it wouldn’t cut through it.
I have cleaned the air assist fan, the other fan in the back inside left side, the exhaust fan, and cleaned the lenses. Made sure the sun wasn’t shining in on it as well.
I can not get it to cut. Any suggestions?

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What material are you cutting?

MDF 1/8" that I have been using consistently for months.

So it doesn’t cut at all, or does it not cut through? Support generally does not weigh in on non Proofgrade materials.

And double-checked that the last lens was “cup side up”?

It does not cut through and it burns it even at 80 power

I checked the lens but I will check it again.

the lens is installed correctly

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MDF has a lot of natural problems. A big one is the tendency to absorb humidity out of the air. This increases the amount of energy needed for cutting, and it also swells the material so it is thicker than first received. If the cut is just perfect before swelling, it might not cut through afterward.

I would try measuring the thickness and also try a different sheet from the middle of the pile.

I tried using the plywood that I have here that I have used for months and I am having the same issue. When I try to cut, it flames up, scorches the wood, and doesn’t cut through.

Flaming up reduces the depth of the cut. Usually a faster speed will reduce the likelihood of flaming up and as a result cut deeper. I had a problem a while back using magnet hold downs without realizing that the magnetic field was messing with the fans and no amount of cleaning them would help.

I stopped using magnets and the problem went away.

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