Stopped engraving, cutting and scoring and yellow light

Hi! We were running the glowforge today on a project that worked perfectly yesterday. It started engraving and then 15 minutes in it stopped engraving but the printer head continued. We stopped the print and a yellow light came on. No error messages. We cleaned the fans last weekend. I just got home and I have checked everything out. No lose cables. Everything is clean that I can see. It does not cut, engrave or score. The tube does not light up. Could really use some help as we have a large order to get out.

The yellow light has not come back on.

It could be temperature related. Do a quick search here and you can see some other things which may cause that yellow light.


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Double check that the white cable is securely clicked into the printhead.


Thank you. The yellow light has not come back on. It’s not doing anything now :frowning:

Yep all cables are secure

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