Stopping a Print that has already started

I started a job that will take over 2 hours to print. How do I stop/cancel the job if it has already started?

Press the print button, click the cancel button, or open the lid.


Click print button in the upper right on the interface and you should see Cancel Print on the drop down

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If you lift the lid even a hair the print will cancel. Also you can hit cancel in the GFUI. The downside of doing that is it will never finish what it has started and starting over will just deepen that part of an engrave.

So once I have started an engrave I generally let it run if possible as the material is ruined for sure otherwise and there is a chance if I let it run. If there are several parts like cuts it will stop for a second before moving to the next part and I hit the button to pause allowing it to proceed if not timed well, and then open the lid to stop the rest of the job.

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Thank you! I figured it out. I appreciate your response. New owner here. Trying things out.


Thank you! Figured it out.

It’s covered in the owners manual, which you really should read.


I have. I just panicked. Thank you for the helpful comment. Much appreciated.


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