Stops, starts, stops, starts. white light stays on

I started up this morning. Same design I cut last night. It has stopped 4 times so far. It will stop, for about 4 minutes then start again, run for about a min. and stop again. I can’t run like this today. I don’t think its the internet because I’m watching a movie and it hasn’t stopped. I don’t want to stop the design right now to clear my cache just incase that’s not the problem and the issue continues. I will risk having to do the design over and waste the wood if it will clear up the proble. Any advice??

It sounds like what happens when it’s too warm to operate safely, and stops to cool down. Are you getting any error messages?

no messages at all.

I wonder if your movie could be the issue…my Glowforge doesn’t want to work when more than 2 people are actively using our wifi. (We live in the country and have horrible Internet.)

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Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean anything regarding your Wi-Fi stability. Movie and audio players buffer, meaning they download a chunk ahead of the play point so they can deliver an interrupted viewing experience in case something blips in your Wi-Fi.

GF on the other hand is extremely sensitive to WiFi instability.


I didn’t know that

:slight_smile: Then your movie player is doing its job. Nobody would watch YouTube or Netflix if it was constantly stuttering.

Btw - GF downloads the entire job before giving you the flashing start button so I do t think it’s your WiFi either. As @geek2nurse says it sounds like it thinks it’s tripping heating/cooling sensors.

As for losing your job if you clear the cache, you won’t lose it if you back out to the dashboard first. Click the Glowforge logo in the upper left and you’ll go to dashboard/library screen. Your job will be saved in the state last day you left it in. Go ahead and clear cache at that point

Thank you. The job was finished finally. I cleared the cache, turned everything off and had a cup of coffee. turned everything on and everything is fine.


Everything is working fine now. thanks for all your help. I do appreciate it


I’m so sorry to hear that you ran into trouble, but I’m glad to hear everything appears to be working correctly. I’ll close this thread for now, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the future if you run into any more of the same behavior. We’re here to help!