Storage bag drawer makeover

That’s a very good idea. Thanks for sharing the box design.
They are looking very tidy indeed!

Can you tell me where are the sides for the gallon box? Am I missing a file? Thanks

For some reason my quart/sandwich ends are not fitting. Am I doing something wrong. Printing exactly as shown.

This is wonderful! Im a newbie, how do I get the file?

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The file is in the original post - the line drawings. Right click and save image as svg to your computer.

Thank you!!

How or where do i download the file?

Welcome to the forum.
Please read my post from today - two up from here.

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Seems to be missing two pieces for gallon bags

That is such a good idea!

I think you been ripped off. Found this in the apple news app.

HEre’s a link, it’s being sold on Etsy by someone with the name Laser Sloth. Obviously too lazy to do the work themselves.

If this is Paul Warwick, let me know and I’ll take it this post down. I just hate to see people profit off other peoples work.


Thanks for looking out for me. I saw this story yesterday too. There are a bunch of people selling them on etsy. I wouldn’t claim this idea as my own, it’s a box with a hole in it that I made using Box-o-matic & AI. Pretty sure I’m the only one with the expanded versions; foil, oven and crockpot bags. :slight_smile: I’m not selling these, that is why I shared here. I just goof around making things that make life a bit easier at home.


You’re welcome. It just seemed quite coincidental on the timing pretty ballsy askin for $ 35 I thought


OMG I just paid $5 for this file! I loathe theives.

Was this done with 1/8" or 1/4…I need one of these so bad!

1/8 worked great!

Ohh this is great, the ziploc boxes are so flimsy and end up getting stuck every time I open the drawer. This will be a lot better, thanks for sharing!

You guys - I’m new here and really inspired by everyone’s creative ideas and generosity in sharing them, but can anyone help me figure out how to download these designs? I don’t see how to download them from these posts. They are displayed as a red outline, but … what am I missing? Thanks! (I would love to try this design and share a before and after photo of my bag drawer! haha)

If you’re using Chrome as your browser, hover your mouse over the picture and right-click your mouse. Then pick Save Image and save it to your PC.

Right click what looks like line drawings and save as svg

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