Storage near a metal shop?

We’re planning on setting up the GF in an active metal shop - is metal grinding dust an issue?

Our metal shop has a good ventilation system, and we’re thinking that it will be the best long-term place for the machine, but I’m worried that metal dust will find its way into the machine and destroy it. Is this a concern? A co-worker of mine said that her grinding dust destroys her headphones, and that she needs to buy new ones every other week. The magnets in them attract the dust, and they get clogged and ruined.


Air intake under right end. If covered when not in use and area policed prior to use (so cannot suck it in), maybe not an issue.

I cannot see it ending well though, if it does get inside.


I would not put it there myself. The closer to a clean room the better imo.


You don’t want to buy a new Glowforge every other week.


The electronics in the Glowforge are exposed and right in the path of the airflow through the unit.

Lots of fine metal particles being sucked into the machine and blown across the surfaces of the electronics will not likely end well.


Thanks all for the quick reply - confirms what I’d suspected!

If the dust is guaranteed to be magnetic it should be possible to make a magnetised screen to capture it.

Ground metal gets everywhere! I had to have a CT scan before I was allowed an MRI as it asked somewhere if I worked with metal or grinding on a form I filled out. Thankfully nothing was found, but was told I could have bits of metal in my eyes and not even know it!


Unfortunately, I can’t give advice on your environment beyond what’s in the manual. I’ve moved this topic to the Beyond the Manual so the discussion can continue there. Note however that advice in this section is unsupported and is not reviewed by Glowforge.