Store problems. Out of stock or not carried any longer?

I went to look at the price for Medium Black Acrylic today, and I only see the option for the 5x10" size. Does this mean the 12x20 is out of stock, or no longer carried?

Does anyone remember how much it was? I’m billing a client for 2 sheets I cut from my inventory for their project.

I believe 9.50
In the store, you can click on your name in the upper right, then Settings, then Order History to see your prior purchases


Not to talk you out of PG materials, but you might wanna check with local plastic dealers, we found one here in Vegas that sells castoff pieces (very large square footage) that I only need to cut to fit in the Glowforge @ $1 a pound.

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I get what I can local or Amazon, but $9.50 a sheet is pretty good, plus, I’m not really close to any suppliers like that up here in Maine.

I still don’t see an answer on if the items are out of stock, or discontinued in the store if they do not appear in the list. It would make sense that if they were out of stock, they should still appear on the list, but include the comment “Out of stock”, a really good system would let you know when the shipping ETA was, and perhaps allow you place a backorder for it.

I’m seeing the same thing with Medium clear acrylic.

I emailed the support crew about this about…3 weeks ago or so and they advised that they have had supplier issues and that if I need it (as I need it for orders) that I should seek another source for it. I’ll mention that I’ve placed a few orders with inventables but can’t say that I’m 100% pleased with it. I can’t seem to get the cuts as clean and polished as I could with the PG 1/8" (though even my PG needs custom settings to cut through all the way).

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