Now that many of us are receiving our GlowForge, I’m assuming that the store is open? Can someone give us an idea of how much they are charging for some of the items there? Also, I’m sure someone has asked this already, but when will we be able to start ordering the proofgrade materials?

Thank you!


It was my understanding that you could order once you got the golden “do you want your GF” email (or maybe it was the actual shipping email) I also thought I saw prices might not be finalized yet, so they very well could change from now to the time you could order.


The items in the store and their pricing change without notice at this point since it’s in beta. Heck, I’ve had access to it for less than a month and things have already changed. So there’s kinda no point in giving any specifics at this time (although I have if you do a quick search). You’ll find pricing to be on par with the market. You’ll gain access the moment you accept your Glowforge.


it’s open if you have a pre-release or production glowforge, so presumably once they ship your laser and activate your account, you should be good to go. current users have mentioned pretty reasonable pricing and shipping, for what it’s worth.


Not open to those that haven’t received a notice. Thinking they are trying to slowly work into the logistics of sale to such a large group. The last thing the customers will want are shipping problems or out-of-stock notices.

Edit: talking about the store where you order materials. Design store is closed to everyone except Beta users as far as I know. (12 June 2017).


Prices are about the same as other laser material sellers. Having no actual experience with them, I can’t say if this is amazing or not, if proof grade proves to be of higher quality than those other guys, it could be a great deal. If not, it’s market pricing.


huh, that’s kind of surprising; i’d’ve figured by now that prod units would have access.

Me too. :frowning:
My guess is they’re rolling things slowly to reduce potential support issues.

I would assume they didn’t want 10000 people suddenly buying material, overwhelming the new production line of materials… Rolling it out as units become available is a good strategy to avoid mistakes.

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agreed; i’m talking about the design store, which has no such potential issues. i can only imagine there must be a few bumps integrating it smoothly into the UI.

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Oh, sorry. That has the problem that current automagic settings aren’t ready for proof grade materials, so getting a design that you can make once just say, and gets screwed up by your manual settings would be a support nightmare…


ah, great point, i didn’t realize that was the case, so it makes sense. fortunately that’s the less important part of the glowforge. :slight_smile:

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That makes way more sense than my guess. :wink:

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