Strandbeest Symphony

Don’t remember seeing this one before, but definitely worth a look:


Has anyone cut a strandbeest kit yet?

To the forum search!

Hmm looks like some people have fooled with it. I got a plastic kit as a gift once, they’re pretty cool.


Very cool, there are some more that have been done.

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I love Strandbeest. I saw a nice exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum a few years ago.

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Just imagine if he did a joint venture with Boston Dynamics…
You could have wind powered robot sheep that could mow your lawn :rofl:


I bet I got that same kit as a gift. My kids love blowing it around the house, until they get dizzy, haha.


I have it all cut out but haven’t assembled it.

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And then there is …

Now if only they could be tighter so 30 Inches wide and climb stairs


I had totally forgotten there was one posted in the forums (thanks for the reminder, @marmak3261!). I started on one via 3D printing one time, but the tolerances were too tight and I couldn’t get it working.

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