Strange end to print

Print ran and completed at around 3:00pm MST Print time 23:30 settings Speed=160 Power=Full ambient room temp was 24 deg celsius.

At end of print beam shuts off like normal then instead of immediately moving back to the home position the head stays at the last spot at the end of the print for around 20 seconds. after moving home sits for another longer than normal time then “completed” the print. the button turned off but the fan on what i assume is the power supply is still running at full bore, I was wearing my noise canceling headphones at the time so I was not able to tell if it was running before the job ended but removed them after the head went to the home position to listen for anything out of the ordinary and that is when i noticed the sound.

Turned off the machine and back on and goes threw normal start up and home procedure and completed successfully. There were no error messages on the UI or on the machine before I turned it off. Ran the GOGM and was successful and the same errors did not repeat on that shorter print.

I had the same thing happen and the “cooling down” message stayed on for quite a bit of time after a 10 second print (my button continued to glow white). I turned mine off and back on. The same thing happened after the next short print. Turned it off and back on again and everything has been back to normal since. Not trying to hijack your thread, just sharing my similar experience.

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Yar no worries about hijacking a thread, thx for the input it is good to know that it has happened before. When something is a one of kind problem it tends to be more ominous to me lol.

I’m having the same issue…were you able to get anything?

not sure what you mean by “get”

did you fix it?

hasn’t happened to me since, not sure why it happened and haven’t had any word from support yet. we might not have the same issue so you might want to open your own support ticket so the can look into your issue further if you haven’t already

thanks…hope it fixed itself for you!

I’m sorry you ran into unusual behavior during a print. I extracted the logs from the print which matches the timeframe of your post, the log from the Gift of Good Measure print and your most recent machine logs. I didn’t find any unusual errors. Has the behavior reoccurred since you last posted in this thread?

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@jeanne, if you’re running into trouble also, please feel free to post a topic here on the forum or email us at and we’ll be happy to help!

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Haven’t had it reproduce the same problems since then. been avoiding longer cuts till I got word back from you on the logs. I will push the machine again with a longer cut and see if it repeats.

Thank you for the update. Please let us know how it goes with a longer print and we’ll be happy to help if you’re still running into trouble.

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I have run a couple prints the same length as the one which had issues and i have not been able to repeat the error. So unless it pops up again there seems to be no issue now. Thank you @ivan1 for looking into the logs for me before and your help. If it happens again i will be sure to let the P&S staff know. Unless there is something more that you wanted to add here you can close my support ticket and this topic.

Thank you for your time and have a great day :beers:

  • Danny W

Thank you for the update. I’m glad to hear that the issue hasn’t reoccured. I’ll go ahead and close this thread for now. If you run into trouble again, or have any questions, please reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

I hope you have a fantastic day also!

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