Strange GF behavior

I am attempting to print a PDF that is the third in a series. I have had no problems until now.

Givens: I am using GF official medium draft board for all of these prints. The PDF is the same dimensionally as the other two prints. It contains a similar amount of engraving and cutting as previous prints.

What is happening:
Attempt 01: The GF did not recognize the materials. I entered it manually. The GF cut the lines but did not engrave anything. The engraving was at the top of the stack. Below were lines I had placed to cut the engravings out after. I wasted a piece of draft board.

Attempt 02: I did a save-as with the PDF and imported it into the app. Again the gf did not recognize the materials so I entered it manually. I re-inserted the cut lines. Great. Looks good. I was able to press the print button so I did. The app said it would take 1:50, which is about 40 minutes longer than the previous prints so that was curious. The GF moved into position to start printing. It went back and forth, back and forth and nothing happened. No engraving. No cutting. Also, the timer was not counting down. It stayed at 1:49 for way longer than a second. I cancelled the print.

I’m going to shut it all down, restart, and hope that GF clears it neural net so I can get on with this. I have a solo exhibition of my art and must deliver it next Monday. Needless to say, this is a bit stressful.

Thanks in advance for the help.

UPDATE: The reboot helped somewhat. Printing time is similar to previous prints. However, the GF is not recognizing its own product. I need a fix for that. Thanks again!

I am glad you are printing again. The fact that the Glowforge doesn’t recognize its Proofgrade product really is not a big deal to me. As you know, you simply select from the drop down menu and everything works the same. I often put Proofgrade items in my Glowforge with the label down or at the very top because I dislike the new bigger labels.


I hope it will ease your stress to know that non-recognition of PG materials is pretty common. The only ‘fix’ for it is what you’ve been doing already…using the dropdown menu. I’ve had my Glowforge for over 5 years and PG recognition has been hit and miss the entire time. I’m sure that many more long-time users will attest to having the same problem…which is pretty much not a problem. Other than that hiccup, I hope everything continues to do well for you.


Thank you for the advice and encouragement, @Xabbess and @dklgood . The prints turned out fine. After some tacos, I am starting the next round.



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