Strange Line when engraving, not on SVG file

Hello Glowforge Community !
I am new to the community, and have a glowforge plus.
I am just starting to figure out all the features, and tried printing on .0625 think matting cardboard.

I have figures out the cuts and all, but when I tried to engrave this design from an SVG file, i was shocked to see all of these different lines that are not present on the SVG file.
I tired speed 350, power 15, and LPI 170.
I will try some more prints to see what is better or worse. Is its my settings, or what may be causing this.

Thank you for any advice you can offer,

That can happen when you have vector shapes that aren’t closed. The easiest solution is just to rasterize the artwork and engrave the taster version. :blush:


Not much anyone can offer without a picture or two…

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I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit this snag! Would it be possible to obtain an image of the results you’re seeing after completing the print?

As @geek2nurse pointed out, making sure to rasterize the artwork before printing can help to reduce this behavior.

Let me know if that helps! We’ll send over the next steps once we can review the results, or if rasterizing does not help to resolve the snag.

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Thank you for the help. After digging in even though the SVG looked clean there were some issues with. I appreciate the help and have much to learn !


Sorry I thought the pictures attached to the post, its my first time on the forum, so i must have messed that up

Thank you for the response, it turns out there were some issues with the SVG file, but they weren’t visible just looking at it, I think it had some weird layers behind each other.

Here are the images (top is the SVG), and bottom is what engraved.

Also you can see in the engraved image towards the bottom right there is what looks like a little bump, I have seen this little bump in the line also when choosing an image that is just a regular shape from the glowforge app. Is it normal to have one of the straight lines with a bump, or does that mean the laser is moving too slow or too fast.

Thank for all of the help. I am slowly learning !!!

Yup, open paths. Likely overlapping as well.

You need to clean it up so all solid areas are bounded by single closed paths or, as stated earlier, rasterize it.


Thank you for posting these images! I appreciate you taking the time to narrow down the snag, and review the SVG file. As @eflyguy pointed out, open paths can cause the behavior you were seeing.

I’m so glad that the community was able to help, and you were able to review the SVG file to find the strange behavior. I hope your prints are coming out amazing!

I’ll close this ticket for now, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the future directly at if you run into any more trouble. We’re here to help :slight_smile: