Streaking engraving

Does anyone else run into these issues when trying to engrave something with a thicker design? Rather than a flat engraved surface, it comes out it prominent lines throughout the design. Any advice would be appreciated!

Thick White Acrylic
Full Power
LPI 340
2 Passes

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Where did you get this acrylic? It looks like it may be extruded instead of cast acrylic, which won’t engrave a consistent frosty white color like Proofgrade or other cast acrylics will.

That aside, the way to eliminate the lines is to defocus the engrave, so that you engrave with a larger spot size, and each line overlaps the next a bit. Do that by setting the “focus height” box in the engrave settings to a number 1/8" to 1/4" above or below the surface of the material.


That looks like either a movement issue or an issue with the graphic. I don’t think you will have success just de-focusing.

You may also have a problem with the precision - you may need to adjust the lines per inch setting, but that really looks like the head and gantry aren’t moving the way they should.

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