Stroke thickness was thought to be ignored by glowforge but

I’ve done 4 instances where I set one shape to stroke width 1pt and the other shapes to stroke width .25 pt and 3 pt. In those instances the shapes with 1pt stroke came out smaller in size. The strokes were not expanded or messed with in anyway except for stroke size. Luckily shapes with stroke size other than 1pt seem to be the same size, so there may be an issue with 1pt strokes that are making the shapes smaller? Anyone else came across this issue?

Are you using Inkscape?

adobe illustrator CC

How far off was the measurement?

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Did it engrave or cut?

If your stroke is set to inner or outer alignment, rather than center it will expand it in the app, I believe.

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measured with caliper, its off by .8 mm (-8mm)

it was set to CUT, strokes were in the middle alignment

I ask because Illustrator isn’t known to have a problem with resizing. And .8mm is small enough that a possibility is that one of the copies got slightly rescaled. (Unfortunately very easy to do when dragging things around.)

You can select and use the arrow keys, or the Shift+arrow keys, and avoid accidental resizing when moving things.

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Care to upload an example file?

You are correct. I just double checked the file and indeed the circle was scaled smaller. I don’t know why I didn’t check it in the first place? lol

Been there, done that! :smile:

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