Stroke vs shape? or Stroke width

Bare with me… it’s only my second day.
The print came out having been cut on both sides of the line. (see photo).

My stoke width was 1.24 px… It seems the system viewed that as a “filled shape” but if this is the case, how fine does the stroke need to be?
Also, the original artwork was done in Photoshop, exported as PNG, Embedded and traced in Inkscape in order to accomplish the SVG. I go to all that trouble because when I save my work as PDF, the Forge doesn’t give me any option to cut. It wants to engrave everything.

I’m sure all this is an operator error. The machine works great!
Any help you can give will be appreciated mightily!

When you trace a graphic, the line you get isn’t a single stroke, but actually a filled shape. You need to break it apart and either delete out one of the lines or just merge them both into a single shape with a single outline.

If you tell us what design software you’re using, someone will chime in who can give you more software-specific info. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, it’s pretty cool how delicate the cutout is, right? :wink:


Yes! Very cool to see the paper-thin slices happen… By coincidence I happened to be making a cell phone video of the print (because… you know… I’m a newb) On the vid you can hear me say "Oh shit! What’s it doing?! Wow! That’s cool!!

Thanks for the explanation… I’ll have to figure out how to do as you suggest. I come from photoshop. Don’t care much for InkScape so far.


Ahh…give Affinity Designer a try. It’s not free but it’s very inexpensive for all it can do, and there’s a good free trial deal right now. I find it more intuitive than Inkscape, and I was a PhotoShop user a couple of decades ago, so that MIGHT be an indication it could be a good match for you!


Inkscape rules, Affinity drools! :wink:


Don’t listen to @evansd2. He’s kind of a brat sometimes. :wink:


:crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Pay no never mind to that man behind the curtain


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